Kerala Social Service Forum is the network of the development organizations of all the Catholic dioceses in Kerala.


  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Rejuvenating the farm sector with emphasis on promotion of bio diversity and organic farming
  • Accelerating response to the livelihood crisis in fisheries sector
  • Enhancing integrated Dalit & Tribal development with focus on social inclusion and accessing equity
  • Facilitating people centered health care
  • Partaking in and promoting good governance
  • Promotion of gender mainstreaming as an overarching tool for empowerment
  • Community based rehabilitation of the Persons With Disabilities


  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Capacity Enhancement Training for NGOs
  • Policy Making for NGOs
  • Organization Development Process
  • Networking
  • Documentation
  • Project Formulation & Consultancy


  • Coordination and Networking of DSSS activities
  • Advocacy & Lobbying for DSSS
  • Knowledge gathering and sharing with DSSS
  • Research and documentation of the best practices of DSSS
  • Capacity enhancement of DSSS
  • Formulation of polices, thematic position papers, perspective plans etc for DSSS Reporting to CBCI, KCBC and Caritas India


  1. 981 – Beginning of KSSF
  2. 1985 – launched Credit Union movement in Kerala
  3. 1987 – Formal Registration of KSSF – Regd. Office at Pachalam Ernakulam
  4. 1996-  Launched the project stabilizing and spreading of Peoples organizations in Kerala 
  5. 1999 – Inauguration of AMOS Centre and KSSF Administrative office at Adichira Kottayam
  6. 2002 – Formation of Kerala State Women Federation [Dharsan]
  7. 2004 - Formulation of Regional Perspective Plan
  8. 2010-  Formulation of Sectoral Perspective Plan
  9. 2010 - Started the Publication of Dhaarin
  10. 2012- Association  of Catholic  Care Homes  (ACCH) was officially formed
  11. 2015- Formulation of Thematic Position Papers
  12. 2015- Formation of Think Tank